Quite honestly this farm began by accident. I became interested in raising high quality meat and vegetables about 10 years ago when my wife was pregnant with our first child. I wanted my young family to eat healthy. Each trip to the grocery store left my head spinning with various claims... “Free range” ... “Organic” ... “Vegetarian fed”... You get the idea. I began researching and came to find out that while many claims on commodity meat and eggs sound nice, they are in fact meaningless. So I made a revolutionary decision to grow my own.

I started a garden and got some bees. I really enjoyed it so I got a couple hens. Next I grew some quail and then meat chickens. Before I knew it I had developed a real passion.

While eating quail with my father in law one evening, he said in between bites, “Man you should try to get some chefs to buy this.”

And a farm was born.

I feel very fortunate to supply you with healthy, local, meat and eggs. I feel like we can honestly say we have taken the guesswork out of shopping. Animal welfare, healthy diet, raised outdoors on pasture, its the Grassroots way.



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A NOTE — much of the photography on this site is courtesy of a splendid photographer and ally in the clean food revolution. Andrew Thomas Lee. His photographs captured the essence of my farm and I am privileged to know him. If you are experiencing any problems with this website, send complaints to the Garbage Facility.