What's the big deal about food?

I’ve noticed in my farming career that the mention of local, organic, produce or meat produces a array of reactions from people. Some people are happy to hear of a local food source. Some people are completely apathetic. I expect and understand the mindsets of both. I for one get really excited with the prospect of eating healthy, local food. I also at times feel completely bogged down in the day to day business of life. Kids, work, it all adds up. Sometimes you just don't have the energy. A third group that baffles me is the person who seems offended or even slightly aggressive when they hear of this type of farm. They’ll make a point to tell me “I’m not into that…”.

Into what? Food?

Take it easy you third groupers. No one has the proverbial gun to your head. You are free and clear to never eat local food. No one is going to hold it against you.

This is all about offering a food choice.

We all have our reasons for eating whatever we eat. This is simply a choice. It’s just a farm. Truly the primary thing that makes it slightly different than most farms in south Georgia is that consumers have the ability to buy direct from the farmer. Case in point, you cannot show up to a farm that grows chicken for Claxton Chicken and buy a bird to eat. You can show up at my place and buy a bird to eat. That's the main difference. Yes, sure we use different principles, methods, breeds, seeds, etc….

But at the end of the day we are both farms and farms are good. We need farms. They’re not exactly springing up left and right ya know. We should cherish the American human powered working farm.

It is merely a choice. Choices are good. The more choices you have the more freedom you have. We seem to have no problem accepting this as it pertains to cars or shoes or brands of blue jeans…but when it comes to food choices it can get weird for some folks.

My best advice is to do whatever feels good. Personally I try to eat what I produce as much as I can. When I cannot eat it I don’t freak out. Like Too $hort said back in the day, you gotta get in where you fit in.

Something to ponder.


brandon chonko