Hog Hat

Hog Hat


Mesh Hog Hat. That really says it all. Your friends will wonder what they're doing with their lives when they see you sporting it around town. This hat is for all you hoggers. Perfect gift for that HOGGER in your life.

Wyatt Williams, noted Atlanta journalist, can be seen eating catfish and eggs with his hog hat resting on the table. He motioned for me to pass the salt and as his eyes cast their glare over the hat he paused, a statue frozen in time. In a trance he stared into the great unknown. While its impossible to know exactly what visions danced in his brain during this meditative stupor, he awoke with a great confidence that whatever he set out to accomplish from that pivotal moment would bear great fruit. It was written. Great catfish n grits, better hat.

I will only presale these puppies for a few days so that we can print and ship in time for the holidays.

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