Big Ass Quail T Shirt

Big Ass Quail T Shirt


There is a town way down in South Georgia, on the edge of the mighty Okefenokee swamp. Goes by the name of Waycross. From the blackwater sprouted a country singer by the name of Gram Parsons. Ol Gram found his demise in booze and pills but not before coining the phrase "Gilded Palace of Sin."

This is our Gram homage. He romanced Emmylou Harris, partied with Keith Richards and the stones, and influenced many. A good way to get to know South Georgia is windows down, two lane highway, gram on the radio. Stop in the local gas station and get some fried okra for lunch. Tell em Birdman sent ya.

Gilded Palace of Poultry. Home of the Big Ass Quail. GMP.

The March/April pre sale shirts are currently being printed and will ship soon!

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