“He’s stubborn and ornery for all the right reasons,” [Hugh] Acheson says. “He is an unquestionable savior of real food, a leader in sustainable animal husbandry, and a leader in the power of small farms to make a difference. His chicken tastes like real chicken should taste.” — Garden & Gun


“You don’t realize how hard it is until you try,” Nadia Chonko says. “Like, the turkeys one year. We got hit by a storm, and maybe half of them died. The temperature has to be perfect, and the feed, and this and that. This is the hardest-working man I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“I think the geese are in the road, Brandon” — Wyatt Williams, Eater


“The Grassroots approach to farming produces the most consistent and high quality eggs we’ve ever been able to buy. If y’all want eggs, too bad cause they’re all mine.” — Trey Dutton, Hominy Grill


“Best pork I’ve ever had and I’ve been cutting meat for over 35 years. If you haven't had Grassroots Farm pork, you don't know what you are missing.” — Robert Anderson, Owner, Smith Brothers Butcher Shop


“This is chicken-flavored chicken, and my gold standard. No other bird compares, whether for roasting or for incomparably rich, full-bodied stock. In an industry riddled with half-truths and shortcuts, it’s a testament to ornery integrity.” — Jed Portman, Garden & Gun